To sell a property

COLDWELL BANKER MUST IMMOBILIER offers 30 years of experience and a vas choice of properties, from traditional to prestigious and full of character. Mas, bourgeois houses, villas, castles, high end apartments... Our experience is based in a wide knowledge of the Pyrénées Orientales and Aude regions.

We choose to ensure you get the most accurate valuation and it's with great care thyat we study each of your "gems", because each property is unique. We are aware of the rarety of the property you are entrusting to us and of it's unique history. In this sense, it is essential for our team to listen to you the SELLERS.

COLDWELL BANKER MUST IMMOBILIER accompanies you during the entire transaction: valuations, administrative proceedings right up until the final sale. Our goal being to complete our mission, we are reactive and take the time to carry each transaction to the very end.


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